St Gregory the Great Catholic Primary School

We reopen for the children of key workers, Early Years, Year 1 & Year 6 from 1st June. See "news" below for details.


We will always endeavour to open and stay open, even when the weather is poor. 

In the event of closure after snow overnight:

The school will attempt to inform parents by text message and via our mobile app and we would endeavour to do this before 7.30 if possible.

Parents can also check the Oxfordshire County Council website using the following link:

If we have snow overnight and decide to keep the school open then very effort should be made to get children to school.  Please send the children with a spare change of warm clothes and full outdoor clothing. 

In the event of heavy snow during the day:

This would be very severe weather.  We will endeavour to stay open until the normal time, however we would allow parents to pick up from school following a text message from us, signing their child out from the KS2 door (school entrance), KS1, Pod & Reception doors earlier in the day if this was more convenient and safer. 

To make parents aware of closure during the day we would:

  • Use text messaging and our mobile app.
  • Answer the telephone in the office and leave a message on our answer phone