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We reopen for the children of key workers, Early Years, Year 1 & Year 6 from 1st June. See "news" below for details.

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Daily Challenge

27 March 2020 (by Louise Budan (LouiseB))

The sky is full of amazing things.

A little later than normal.  This challenge is for all the children who might still be awake when it gets dark.  Today’s Challenge is to find a new star.   Please download the App ‘Sky View’.  Using the app as directed or looking straight up at the sky; find a star you didn’t know the name of before or a constellation you hadn't heard about.   For every new star you find, share something positive about your week.  Say all the things you have enjoyed about being togther.  You have all shown us what an amazing family we all are St Gregs.   Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.