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We reopen for the children of key workers, Early Years, Year 1 & Year 6 from 1st June. See "news" below for details.

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The Pod- Allotment Update

27 March 2020 (by Lauren Arbour (Lauren))

News from Granny Crockett and Grandpa George

Hello, all children, parents and staff

Today Grandpa George and I were lucky enough to spend time at the allotment in the sunshine.The little peas you planted are doing well and we have put up nets for them to climb. The broad beans in the polytunnel are flowering and the garlic you planted is looking very sturdy in their rows. Today’s jobs included planting seed potatoes which had sprouted in an egg box in a dark cupboard. We dug trenches, spaced the potatoes out and covered them over with soil ready for them to start growing. We also continued with your great work of sowing sunflowers. I have taken a photograph of a tray you planted a few weeks ago. You can see tiny seedlings with pairs of little leaves. Whilst we were on the allotment, we saw lots of little creatures - long, wiggly worms, blue tits in the hedgerow, ladybirds and lots of beautiful butterflies