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A day at The Pod


Our Daily Routine
(AM/PM Sessions)

8:30/11:45: Children join their key person for a small group activity. (Between 11:55-12:15 children will play in their base room before going for lunch.)
8:40/12:45: Children come together for collective worship and to make their plan for the day
8:45/12:55 Free flow plan and do
11:15/14:30 (14:15 on Wednesdays): Tidy up and come back into groups
11:30/14:45 (14:30 on Wednesdays): Home time

When the children arrive at the start of the session they are encouraged to join a short, adult planned, activity with their key person. This lasts approximately ten minutes. After this, we all say our school prayer together and then discuss with those near us what our plan for the day is going to be.

Once this is done and the gate is safely locked, the doors open and the children are free to choose where to spend their time, free flowing between either room or the garden. Please make sure your child has welly boots and spare clothes in all weathers as water and mud play is available!
Also, please note: We will not stop children from going outside. If they are not well enough to be outdoors in the fresh air, they should not be in nursery.
Children are not expected to sit in groups on the carpets again until the last ten minutes of the session, where they will have a chance to talk about their day, share something they have made or simply listen to a story – the adults will take the lead from the children. (The only adult planned activity at this time will be RE once a week with Katie, the nursery teacher, for those children who are in the nursery class age group.)

Please try and arrive to nursery on time to minimise disruption to the children engaged in group times. Sessions finish at 11:30/14:45 (14:30 on Wednesday). Late collection fees apply.


You will need

The nursery class children wear the same uniform as the primary school, and some younger children also choose to wear it too.  You can find more details in our Information section.  We also ask that children bring in a complete change of clothes.


Staff and Children at St Greg’s eat together and this is a key time for children and staff to talk and share, to develop a close-knit community. Those children attending the afternoon nursery session can choose to pay for a school lunch or bring in a packed lunch.  You can find more details in our Information section.