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The Pod Nursery

The Pod is our outstanding nursery setting within St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. This is where our youngest children are educated and nurtured until they move on to the reception class the September after they turn four years old.
The nursery was purposely refurbished and opened in January 2015. We were extremely pleased that the hard work and commitment to providing the best start for our children was recognised in the settings very first Ofsted inspection, when we were graded outstanding in November 2016.

We offer funded early years education for children from the term after their third birthday, and to eligible children the term after their second birthday. There is also the possibility of paying for extra sessions or for younger children to attend.

We operate a waiting list system in order to fairly allocate our nursery spaces but do currently have spaces for funded 2 year olds available from September. If you would like to register your interest you can do so by emailing Sara at


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will continue to think about our Golden rules and reward brilliant behaviour. We will be talking about friendships, being kind and sharing within our key group times - where we focus on one of the golden rules each week. 

In the Marines we will be focussing on settling into our room and building friendships with our peers and the adults. We will continue to explore the environment and resources this term and will become more independent, as well as responding to some of Miss Beanie's golden rules. We will be able to begin to engage in pretend play, learning that some things are ours, some things are shared and some things belong to other people and express our own preferences.

Physical Development

We will continue to learn how to move in different ways in outdoor PDR. This may involve, flying and whizzing around like superheroes! We will continue to develop our fine motor skills through dough disco. We will use various mark making resources and finger gym activities to develop fine/gross motor movements and pencil grip. The nursery class children have been recognising their names. This term they will have a name grid and will begin to focus on forming letters from their name at the beginning of each session.

In the Marines room we will spend lots of time outside as the weather is warmer, walking, climbing and balancing on obstacles. There will be lots of opportunities to build towers and stack objects. Books will be available in the setting so we can practice turning the pages. We will be practicing to hold our own cups when having a drink and feeding ourselves compentantly, communicating when a nappy change is required or beginning to show interest in the potty or toilet. We will help our adults to get us ready to go in the garden and hygiene routines such as hand handwashing.

Communication and Language

We will heard and learn lots of new words related to our Superheroes theme. We will have a go at making up our own superhero stories and creating story maps to go with them.

We will continue to follow letters and sounds phase 1 and FRED talk to the nursery children, so that they begin the early stages of phonics, being able to hear sounds and begin to blend them into words. All nursery class children will participate in a phonics activity each day, in preparation for school in September.

In the Marines room we will participate in lots of singing, rhymes and story sessions. We will listen and learn lots of new language and recognise new sounds. We will show our understanding of simple language by responding appropriately. Our language will develop this term, as we begin to put two words together and use simple sentences and questions.


We continue to hear number language throughout the day and have access to mathematical activities in many areas throughout our day. Activities include sorting, counting, shapes, number recognition and puzzles, blocks and filling and emptying containers for younger children.

The Little big maths scheme is ongoing throughout the whole school and allows us to learn maths in a fun and active way, through activities linked to the topic. This term we will learn about the size of the superheroes. We will look at how fast or how slow they can fly, jump or vanish. We will count them using one to one correspondence and will use language such as "more" and "less".

We will continue to show interest ins have and space and use positional language in everyday conversation. 


We love listening to a new story each week and basing our learning around it. This term we will continue to listen to stories based on our superhero theme and will participate in storytelling. We have access to  variety of mark making resources within the provision in the rooms and outside area to practice our writing. If you have any superhero books at home - please feel free to bring them in! - we love listening to new stories.

Please remember that the story sack bags are available for you to borrow, take home and share with your children. Please take care of it, return it when you are ready and swap if for another story sack of your choice.

Understanding the World

In RE we will be learning about people who help us and Pentecost.

We will have a go at creating mini superhero figures of ourselves and placing them in the small world areas.

We will continue to go to the allotment every Monday morning, where we will be planting different vegetables and learning about 'growing'. Some of the children will also have the opportunity to go to Forest school on a Tuesday

Expressive Arts and Design

We will have a fantastic superhero role play area to explore! Capes, masks and props will be available for imaginative play. 

We will be creating various crafts related to our superhero theme, such as masks, superhero models using various media and resources.

We will be singing and learning a new superhero song.