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Year 2 Autumn Term Topic Web - Farm to Fork

Year 2 Home Learning - Farm to Fork Home Learning Autumn 2018

Year 3 Autumn Term Topic Web - Art Bot

Year 3 Home Learning - Art Bot Home Learning Autumn 2018

Latest news from Year 2

Oceans - Year 2

  • In Leith today we explored 3D shapes, recalling their names and faces.
  • Year 2 and 3 can select music as an option during outdoor Plan Do Review.
  • What a magical week!
  • Year 4 and 5 joined children from Leith today to help them begin to learn to sew.
  • In both Taff and Leith we had a delivery of eggs in incubators today.
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Latest news from Year 3

Oceans - Year 3

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A day in Oceans - everything you need to know

Oceans Learning Logs

The Team

Phase Lead: Ria

Teaching Team: Menna, Beth, Carmina & Angela

Support Team: Lirije, Catalin, Sally, Bonnie & Zeenath


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