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Oceans - Year 3 & Year 4


Our theme for the Summer term is Languages through History.

As historians and linguists we will start with Ancient Greece and how the greek alphabet was developed. In addition we will study Homer exploring some of the fascinating adventures of Odysseus. Then we will travel to Ancient Egypt to learn about the culture and investigate as linguists the Hieroglyphs. Finally, we will look at Arabic Language in Early Islamic Period.

As scientists we will study the different states of matter using simple practical enquiries and scientific evidence.

As artists we will look for inspiration from "The swimming reindeer" a 13,000 year old sculpture made out of Mammoth ivory.

As  readers and writers we will continue our exciting Big Writing Agent missions. We will learn how we can compose great poems and how legends are born.

As mathematicians we will continue our Big Maths journey, focusing specially on fractions and times tables. We have allocated some time to practise mental maths using our new books.

As theologians will discuss events after the resurrection of Jesus. Then we will learn about Pentecost and how Catholics commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Also we will learn about the different parts of Mass and Reconciliation.

You can find a copy of our themed Home Learning Grid here.