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FSU - Reception

Coral Reef Superhero Topic Overview Summer Term

Personal Social and Emotional Development

We will be thinking about how to keep ourselves safe, look after ourselves and others, when we are in and out of school. Particularly when we are crossing the road, what we need to look and listen for before we cross the road. We will be thinking about what our own super power is... are we caring, helpful, giving etc and learning to be resilient. We will also be finding out what to do in an emergency.

Physical Development

We will be learning to control our bodies through  a range of team games and weekly sessions at Tatty Bumpkins. We will be creating obstacle courses in our garden and navigating them. We will be thinking about what we can do to keep our bodies healthy and learning to move like superheroes! Through our writing tasks we will be continuing to develop and control our letter formation and size to produce writing to be proud of.

Communication and Language

We will be listening to lots of different stories about a range of superheroes throughout the term. We will begin the term with 'Supertato', which the children will learn to retell using key phrases and actions.  Across the weeks we will focus on a new story and will be thinking about what we hear to enable us to answer questions, such as, what might happen next? Who was in the story and where was it set? We will also be finding out about and learning to say some superhero words and phrases. The children are also invited to bring in objects from home (not toys) that they want to talk to their group about in our show and tell sessions. The children will have the opportunity to ask their peers questions about their chosen object. 


We will be using our counting skills to make a record of our favourite superheroes. The children will then use the information we collect to make pictograms.  We will be measuring the length of different sized superheroes and exploring capacity in the water and tuff trays. We will be securing our knowledge and understanding of two-digit numbers through using a telephone and telephone book to call different superheroes. We will be continuing to explore the concept of subtraction and creating a superhero city with Numicon tiles.


This term we will be practising applying all of the sounds we have now learnt or are learning in set one and two of the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. The children will be using their phonetic knowledge to write sentences and superhero words and facts and will explore how to write speech bubbles for story characters. We will be writing instruction lists on what we need to make superhero traps and how to plant seeds as well as creating some extended story writing and different pieces.  We will also be reading every day in small groups and using our reading skills to play games. 

Understanding the World

We will be planting potatoes and some other fruits and vegetables in our outside planting area, learning how to care for them and hopefully enjoying some of the produce for our snack. We will be finding out about real life superheroes and what their occupations entail. During the beginning of May we will also be joining in with the May Day procession and learning about Pentecost.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be letting our imaginations fly in our superhero stations indoors and outdoors. We will be designing and building traps to catch baddies, considering how we can use a range of materials in different ways and make changes; as well as designing and making our own super hero capes and identity badges. We will be exploring printing with a range of materials including some fruit and veg and creating our own superheroes and baddies through drawings and using malleable resources.

Home Learning

Please practise the sounds in both of the phonics sound books as well as reading and writing Red Words, all of these are regularly updated and sent home with your child.  Please read regularly at home and  fill in the reading record book when you have listened to your child read.